Before & After / Testimonials

“I decided to give Easy Slim a try based on the recommendation of my trainer, Duke Sturges at Anytime Fitness, in hopes of speeding up the process of losing inches off of my physique, but in a way other than fad diets and starvation. With EasySlim, I was skeptical of the technology and limited expectations of losing no more than just a few inches overall. However, I quickly found out that if I stayed with the program as directed of procedure twice per week, I would lose many more inches than ever anticipated and in a short period of time. As a result, I lost at total 15.75″ in a little over a month with EasySlim. I couldn’t believe it!!

Other than obvious things such as my clothes feeling much more loosely, I truly feel so much better when looking in the mirror. By combining my exercise efforts with the EasySlim Program, I found my goals being reached much easier and much faster than with my prior methods for trying to lose pounds and inches; again Fad Diets and Starvation with the little ability to live and have fun. I would strongly urge any and all to use EasySlim as an additional source for meeting your health and fitness goals. It’s painless, relaxing, stress free and the easiest thing that I have ever done to lose my excess pounds and inches. Give it a try…I promise you will benefit from this amazing technology. ”

Good Luck, Cary Buccilla

“In less than two months with Easy Slim, I’ve lost more than 30″ that I couldn’t lose with diet & exercise alone. My clothes are fitting better & I’m feeling better about myself overall thanks to Easy Slim.”

Mary M. Indianapolis, IN

“I never thought I would lose my love handles, but EasySlim changed that for me. Try it, you will be glad you did!”
Christine Wells Indianapolis, IN

“After having a baby it was really hard for me to lose the cellulite on my thighs, after just a few treatments I started to see amazing results. Now I can wear a bathing suit again and I feel more confident!”

Nancy Meyer Indianapolis, IN